Hello Beautiful! New things are coming soon!!

New Update

Hello Beauties!

I wanted to come update you all on what is going on with things. As I have mentioned we are still dealing with my brother. He isn't is the best shape right now and we do not know what it so come. We are just taking it day by day at this point. The  shop is and will be up and running for now, however shipping is on the slower side. My mom and I have been taking turns staying at the hospital with my brother.

Things will be a little slow as far as new items due to not knowing what it to come with my brother.  We have been able to take weekends off and kind of recoup. During those times I am slowly working on some new things. I have new things to come I promise. Aloha Nani isn't going any where anytime soon!

I do want to thank you all for the love and support during this time. It truly means a lot to my family and I.

Have A Beautiful Day,

Breanna H. 

CEO & Founder

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