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Questions about our products?
Check below we may have answered them.

What makes Aloha Nani's products worth switching from store/mall products I normally get? 
Our products are honestly better and cheaper. You are getting so much more for your money as well better quality. Our products are made without any of the harsh chemicals or nasty fillers that big brands use to keep cost down, but all they are doing is watering down products and causing you to break out or may even causing a small irritation rash.

 I have sensitive skin, I can use Aloha Nani products?

 Most of our customers and even us have sensitive skin. We even make products that help skin conditions such as eczema. We make sure to produce items that don't have ingredients that will irritate sensitive skin. Our products contain no sulfates, parabens, phthalates, genetically modified organisms (GMOs),or triclosan or any other harsh chemicals.

 Are your fragrance oils synthetic? 

Since not all fragrances are natural ( IE Cupcakes) so to achieve scents as such we must use a synthetic FO (fragrance oil). However, we only use phtalate-free, cosmetic grade FO that are made just for delicate skin, which is very important to us. 

Are your fragrance dupes exactly like the original?

We try our best to make sure that our scent dupes are as close to the name brand as possible, but sometimes it isn't always possible to find an exact


Can I request a scent?

You are more then welcome to contact us and see if we can add a scent option to our list.  Please know that this does take time to find. If you are looking for scent dupe, please know that sometimes there are not dupes of newer scents.


Are any of your scents original?

YES! We have mixed some of our scents and will be listed as such.


Why does it say "trade secret" or " Aloha Nani base ", I have bad allergies and need to know what's in your products.

    The reason we have put "Trade secret/ Aloha Nani base" is because our base is a custom blend that we make and it is something we want to protect. I do assure you though that all ingredients are vegan, cruelty free and 100% FDA approved for its uses. We do list all of the ingredients on our jars as it is required by law, if you need to know them before purchasing please contact us we would be more then happy to let you know.  Our base consist of high quality ingredients that can be found in some name brand favorites, minus the toxic ones. Our base is something we are very proud of, we stand by its "sticking" power.

Can I keep my scrub in the shower?
No, sadly we do not recommend you keeping your scrub in the shower. If you get water in your scrub it can cause bacteria to grow. We do use a natural preservative but that only preserves the product and not anything added to it.  A preservative use is calculated by the amount of product you are making, lets say I'm making a 1lb batch the amount of preservative used if for that 1lb batch.

What is the self life of my scrub and lotion?
 Your scrub and lotion has the self life of about a year.


Can I make a large order for an event?
Yes, Please just contact us about 3-4 weeks in advance. Some of our items take time to set up and we also may have to purchase extra ingredients depending on how large your order is. If you want we can also package your item for your event, please know I will need extra time to talk to you about how you want it to look and to order what we agree upon.