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Important Update, Color Information

On April 15, 2014 we accepted with the Beauty without Bunnies program with PETA. We signed a statement and agreement that we are 100% vegan and that we have NOT and NEVER will test on animals. We had also discontinued  the use of the D& C colorants as we were told by a rep. from PETA that they are ALWAYS tested on animals.  We felt that we were getting the most accurate information from the PETA rep. We had even seen a few blog post about it from a few vegan posters, so it made us feel even better about discontinuing said ingredients.

After doing tons of research from that point to now, we have found that, we were sadly misled.  Way back in the day, when these colorants were new, they were tested on animals, but so was everything else. We have come so far in technology that it really isn't necessary to test on animals anymore. Yes, the FDA requires that the manufacturer get each batch of these colorants tested certified through the FDA. There is a standard that the FDA looks for, and each batch needs to meet that standard. The FDA requires that the manufacturer gets testing done for anything NEW, and  after reading we have found that the FDA would rather the manufacture use other alternatives then animals, which you can read below.

These are straight from the FDA website.

" Many raw materials, used in cosmetics, were tested on animals years ago when they were first introduced. A cosmetic manufacturer might only use those raw materials and base their "cruelty-free" claims on the fact that the materials or products are not "currently" tested on animals."

- http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/Labeling/Claims/ucm2005202.htm

"We also believe that prior to use of animals, consideration should be given to the use of scientifically valid alternative methods to whole-animal testing."

" FDA supports the development and use of alternatives to whole-animal testing as well as adherence to the most humane methods available within the limits of scientific capability when animals are used for testing the safety of cosmetic products. We will continue to be a strong advocate of methodologies for the refinement, reduction, and replacement of animal tests with alternative methodologies that do not employ the use of animals."

- http://www.fda.gov/Cosmetics/ScienceResearch/ProductTesting/ucm072268.htm


After reading and looking through the whole FDA site, we honestly feel very stupid that we did not do 100% of our research and believed them with out the proof. Now we know that there is animal testing done, but when it comes to cosmetics the FDA is all for and would prefer finding alternatives to testing on animals. These colorants are every where and found in everything, from your clothes, foods, snacks and even some of your favorite drinks.

After lots of thought and fighting with myself I have decided to bring back the FD&C colorants. We are and will always be 100% VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE. We made the decision to remove these colorants after we were told by a PETA rep and I ( the owner) felt that, they had all the information since this is their thing, and looking back I wish I would have done my research better.


 We are still on the PETA we site as a cruelty free company.